WUJU at Fancy Food Show

Post-Winter Fancy Food Show Update

It’s been a long journey since the San Francisco Winter Fancy Food Show at the end of January. For our first big trade show I would consider it a huge success! Over the course of the three day event, we received more than 150 solid leads to retailers & grocery distributors from across the country – bringing us one step closer to our goal of getting WUJU on store shelves nationwide. We’re also extremely excited to announce our first official partnership with a major grocery chain! Central Market – a Texas-based Natural & Organic food chain, will be carrying WUJU at 9 of their locations as of March 9th.

Fancy Food Show

The show was held at the San Francisco Moscone Center, and was packed with over 1400 food industry companies –making it the largest Winter Food Show ever.  The “New Brands on the Shelf” section, where WUJU set up shop, had about 30 other start-up brands from companies less than two years old.  It was a bit intimidating being the new guy in the room, but WUJU was definitely a big hit!

Throughout the event, I met with representatives from mom and pop stores, mid-sized chains, supermarkets, and large distributors. Many of them sampled WUJU and loved the product! It was an exhausting experience but very rewarding overall. I gained a lot of insight through talking with potential customers, and exploring networking opportunities with more mature companies in the industry.

This has all lead up to another piece of big news – WUJU has now accumulated enough interest to get fully set up with a nationally distributor called KeHE – one of the largest natural food distributors in the country!

Next stop is the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, which is even bigger! Stay tuned and let’s keep our fingers crossed for more opportunities to come!

Again, I can’t thank you all enough for your loyalty & support as we bring WUJU to hot sauce lovers across the world.

March 13, 2016

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