New Website Launch & Wuju Recipes

I’m so privileged to have had such a successful launch with WUJU hot sauce! I am so happy to share our new site, the future of WUJU, with all of the proud and WUJU warriors (that’s you).

I just want to give a quick shout out to a friend, Mason Portell, a passionate web developer that just wanted to help another entrepreneur. He helped me build this beautiful and functional new site.  He is amazing to work together with him, and I would recommend him to any entrepreneur.

It’s hard to find something that this hot sauce can’t go on… but I just wanted to post what I personally love putting WUJU on:

Breakfast: eggs, hash browns

  1. Lunch: Chipotle burritos and bowls, Halal food like chicken and rice
  2. Dinner: Chicken, steak, mac & cheese (please don’t judge),
  3. Snacking: Wings, pretzels

November 16, 2015

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