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What People Say About Wuju

This was the best sauce (mild) I have ever had. I have already had 1-2 friends email Lawrence when will they be able to order cases, having only a taste of my own (4 bottles which I am hiding). Well Lawrence, great job with responding to those who ask questions and send emails. Easily the most smooth and well-managed Kickstarter project I have backed.

Colin, Online Customer

I consider myself a bit of a hot sauce connoisseur, and yours, sir, is one of the best I’ve ever had! Well done and thank you for making such a delicious product! Received my 8 bottles today and already looking at ordering more – never wanna get caught without my wuju.

Megan, Online Customer

I ordered the extra hot version because my husband is a big fan of spicy sauces. He loved it, and I tried it too. I normally don’t enjoy very spicy things, but I absolutely loved this sauce. I would really like to purchase a bottle of the mild, now, as well.

Olivia, Online Customer