WUJU's Mission

WUJU's mission is to inspire, and also appreciate the complexities of life, through flavors.

The original sunset label helped us realize that our biggest driver is this idea of looking beyond the horizon. Whether it's the entrepreneur, cancer patient, or new product, you have to be ambitious and understand that there is a brand new horizon each day.

Wuju Hot Sauce ingredients


In 2014, Lawrence Wu was fresh out of college working in sales and marketing for a big pharmaceutical company, a career he'd always thought was meant for him. However, he soon realized that it just wasn't right. One day, Larry was sitting at his friend’s dinner table when his friend's father brought out his homemade hot sauce. After one taste, Larry had an epiphany. Why couldn't he bring something with more depth and personality to the exploding hot sauce space? He grew up in the restaurant industry, and found this to be a way to also tap into his roots in food.

Hot sauces have traditionally been red, vinegary, and boring – but he wanted to create something different – he wanted to create the Dijon Mustard to the Ketchup in the hot sauce world. Something that would change the world of hot sauce forever. He set out to develop a mustard-based hot sauce with a sweet side, blending ingredients like agave nectar, mango, curry, and Thai inspired spices & flavors - a perfectly balanced sauce.

Several months later, after months of experimenting & perfecting, Larry founded WUJU. After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that was funded over 400% in a little under a month, WUJU is on its way to store shelves across the country.

Supporting the Cancer Community

Today, it seems as though everyone knows someone who has been impacted by cancer. For WUJU, it's history and core is closely tied to it. In the beginning, Lawrence Wu struggled to find a brand identity that felt right. In November 2014, Lawrence’s close friend, Cody, tragically passed away after a long fight. A few days later, his mother posted a photo of him standing on a beach looking out into a sunset.

Like Cody, Lawrence’s mother has also been battling cancer for over 10 years. Reflecting on the people close to him, and millions of other people going through the same struggle, Larry knew the direction he wanted take this brand. With the help of his sister Serena, they created the original sunset label. The label is a homage to everybody battling with the terrible illness, and representative of their determination and ability to stay true to themselves despite their adversity. WUJU would be a brand that always stays true to its values, no matter what obstacles are in its way.

Cook For Your Life

Cook For Your Life supports the cancer community in a unique way. They develop healthy recipes depending on a patient’s condition. In other words, instead of saying, “you need to have more Vitamin C in your diet,” Cook For Your Life will actually develop a recipe that will help patients regain their lost Vitamin C.

WUJU’s involvement with Cook For Your Life has primarily been with their Hope Lodge program. The Hope Lodge is a place where cancer patients and their caregivers can stay close to where they are getting treatment. We currently help fund and support their cooking classes and dinners, while providing healthy WUJU hot sauce.

For more information or to support Cook For Your Life, please click here.