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Wuju is hot on the shelves at your local grocery store!* Our prices start at $3.99 a bottle. Here are just a few of the stores we're proud to be in, and all of them can be found on our store locator page.
*Select stores only. Visit our store locator to make sure we're in your local store!

Everyone's asking...

Where's the WUJU?

WUJU isn’t just hot sauce – its a condiment in a class all of its own. Inspired by traditional Asian sauce we have 16 all natural ingredients, exquisitely brewed to create the perfect blend of heat & sweet.

Just a dab will deliver an incredible unique flavor unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. 

Wuju Original Hot Sauce Flavor

Original WUJU Flavor

Our signature classic hot sauce.
Not too spicy with the right amount of kick.

Wuju Extra Hot Sauce Flavor

Extra Hot

Our original with more habaneros!

Wuju Mixed Hot Sauce Set

Mixed Flavors

Can't decide? Get them both!
Variety pack with Original & Extra Hot!

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Delicious Recipes

Wuju Hot Sauce is an excellent go-to hot sauce for a large number of foods. We've collected a few of our favorites that are especially tasty, and just a little dab of Wuju goes a long way!

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What's Wuju All About?


To inspire, and also embrace the complexities in life, through flavors. 

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